10 Reasons Why Langkawi Should Be On Every Bucket List

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands off the coast of Malaysia and home of the the only UNESCO-endorsed Geopark in SE Asia. The first time we visited Langkawi back in December, we fell in love with the island and wished we had allowed ourselves longer than 3 nights to explore. We barely had enough time to scrape the surface, let alone delve into the culture and the geological and archaeological significance of the island. So when the opportunity to visit this stunningly beautiful island came up again, we jumped up on it! We spent one week in Langkawi and the only way we can describe it is EPIC. It truly was. This island has so much to offer and I can’t believe how much we missed on our first trip. Whether you are a luxury traveler, a backpacker, honeymooners, an adventure enthusiast or a beach junkie, there is literally something for everyone. It covers all the bases!

No matter how you decide to spend your holiday, you will be met with massive rock formations, turquoise seas, limestone caves, lush jungle, vast green paddies, mangrove forests and exotic wildlife at every turn. If you are looking for ways in which you can discover and explore Langkawi’s impressive landscapes and natural beauty, these are our suggestions and the reasons why Langkawi should be on everyone’s bucket list!

1. Parasailing with Naam Adventure

things to do langkawi

If you’re up for a little adventure, there’s no better way to take in the the sights than sailing high above the seas with Naam Adventure. Surrounded by limestone karsts and stunning blue waters, you will feel completely at ease with this crew! You can stay dry or ask them to dip your toes (or more!) on your way back in to the boat.

2. Jet Ski & Eagle Watching Tour with Mega Water Sports

jet ski things to do in langkawi

This island-hopping jet ski tour with Mega Water Sports gets you up close and personal with Langkawi’s impressive rock formations and stunning secluded islands. Visit one of Langkawi’s Geoforest parks, swim in a fresh water lake formed from a collapsed cave, visit a private beach and do some eagle-watching. This tour is not to be missed!!

3. Sunset Dinner Cruise with Naam Adventure

sunset dinner cruise naam adventure langkawi

The highlight of our week in Langkawi might just be the sunset dinner cruise aboard the Sea Falcon with Naam Adventure. We sailed off on a 55-ft catamaran for 3 hours of picturesque views, free flowing drinks, a mouth-watering BBQ buffet and a helluva good time 😉

4. Tour the Mangroves & Kilim Geoforest Park

mangrove tour kilim geoforest park langkawi

Explore Langkawi’s stunning Kilim Geoforest Park with mangroves winding all around you and eagles soaring over your head. Stop for lunch on a floating restaurant, visit a fish farm and take a tour of the bat caves for a truly unforgettable experience.

5. Visit the Night Markets & Feast on Local Savory Dishes

seashells chenang langkawi

I feel like we spent a large portion of our time in Langkawi consuming as much food as possible! The food on the island is absolutely delicious. Visit the night market in Kuah Town to sample a variety of treats or visit any of the islands top restaurants for a truly spectacular meal. We highly recommend Seashells Chenang for traditional Malay cuisine served among a stunning backdrop (pictured above) and Nasi Kandar Tomato if you’re craving Indian!

6. Soak in a Natural Hot Spring Jacuzzi

things to do in langkawi hot spring jacuzzi

Visit the Ayer Hangat Village Spa and soak in one of the natural salt water hot spring jacuzzi’s. There are private jacuzzi’s available or you can dip your feet into the public wells while admiring the beautifully manicured gardens and mountains that surround you. After a soak, you can opt for reflexology foot massage or grab a bite to eat. You will leave feeling like a new person!

7. Snorkeling in Pulau Payar Marine Park

snorkeling langkawi coral pulau payar island

Hop aboard a ferry with Langkawi Coral and enjoy an hour ride to the Pulau Payar Marine Park. Snorkel among Malaysia’s colorful coral and marine life, swim with black-tip sharks, stroll on the beach, spend the day sunbathing, or admire the sea life from a glass bottom boat. The waters are crystal clear and we saw some beautiful fish and fascinating sea creatures up close and personal!

8. Take to the Skies in a Paramotor

paramotor langkawi

If you’re really feeling adventurous, take a flight with Langkawi Glider’s in a paramotor. We went for a flight on our first trip to Langkawi and it was truly spectacular! Fly over green rice paddies and along the stunning Pantai Cenang beach for a real bird’s eye view of the island. Check out our video here!

9. Ride the Langkawi SkyCab for Panoramic Views

langkawi skycab things to do in langkawi

Langkawi’s SkyCab is one of those things you really can’t leave the island without doing. We had the opportunity to ride in the special glass bottom gondola as we went gliding high above the rainforest and mountains of Langkawi! It may not be for the faint-hearted but you are sure to experience the most breathtaking panoramic views of Langkawi. We hoped to visit the Skybridge that just reopened as well, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate :-( Next time, Langkawi!

10. Spend the Day Poolside at a Luxury Resort

things to do in langkawi rebak island resort

Langkawi has so many fabulous resorts to choose from! We could have spent our entire stay at the Vivanta by Taj Rebak Island Resort, hanging out by the pool, sipping on cocktails and relaxing in the hammocks. If your idea of a holiday is relaxing by the pool and reading a book, check out Langkawi’s many luxury resorts.

To see more of our adventures in Langkawi, including a tour of the gorgeous 55 ft catamaran we cruised on, don’t miss the video!


This trip was made possible by Naturally Langkawi. As always, all opinions are our own. 


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  1. Hey guys! Langkawi looks great. I want to try that paramotor! What a view!
    We nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find the questions and other info here:

    Enjoy your time back in the US!

  2. Just had to chime in as we are currently in Langkawi. While Langkawi is beautiful, I have to say it is not for the budget traveler. Yes, the alcohol is cheaper than the rest of Malaysia, but the activities are outrageously priced and even scooter rental is more expensive here than elsewhere in Asia. We are looking forward to moving on.

  3. Really? “Outrageously priced”?

  4. Ok so I want to follow up with the comment from theschneiduks…in reference to cost. Don’t get me wrong it looks awesome what you did there and as a traveler I understand you sometimes have to spend some $$ to have some crazy epic or Unique adventures like that paramotor…which looks off the hook awesome! But everything else looks rather costly. Is this more of a couples retreat, honeymoon, middle class vacation spot or is there viable options for backpackers?

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