Drone Footage and Updates From Colorado

Just a quick update as we sit in our zero gravity chairs working along side the river in Silverton, Colorado. We haven’t posted since we left on our summer road trip but we’ve pretty much been on the go nonstop since the day we left. We’ll have plenty to catch you up on later – from off-roading in Tennessee to SUPing on Lake Irwin in Crested Butte, Colorado – but for now we just wanted to leave you with a few videos we’ve captured with the drone (yes – we finally broke out the drone!). This is for those of you that don’t follow us on social media yet – although you should be since we are updating much more often there!

In the first video, Charlie’s friend from high school that now lives in Colorado took us on a little adventure. We watched the rafter’s cliff-jumping into the river, did a little hiking, and then had ourselves a picnic by the river of crab cakes, sausages, and…a crab leg. Completely and utterly amazing! 🙂

In this next video, we captured aerial views of Lake Irwin, where we camped for a few nights right near the quintessential mountain town of Crested Butte. We somehow landed the best campsite in the entire place totally by chance and on the last day we got to try out a little standup paddle boarding with Courtney at CB SUP. But more on that later…

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