Krabi Hotel Review: Ao Nang Orchid Resort

When my best friend announced she was coming to visit me from the States, I knew a trip to the beach was an absolute must. I hadn’t been to Krabi yet, but I immediately knew this was where I wanted to take her. Sure we have beaches in Florida, but they are nothing like Thailand beaches. Florida is about as flat as it gets, and although we have more than our fair share of pristine, white sandy beaches, there is just something about the karst cliffs jutting out of the emerald seas that makes it so much more majestic. It’s truly a sight to see. Since this was Whitney’s first trip to Asia and her primary vacation for this year, we decided to splurge a bit on our accommodation. While $45 USD per night seemed high for us after spending almost a year in Asia, it is still so much more affordable if you compare the same accommodations, say, along the Pacific Coast in California.

ao nang orchid resort

ao nang orchid resort

Krabi Hotel Review: AoNang Orchid Resort

The primary reason we decided on the Ao Nang Orchid Resort was the spectacular pool. We could have easily spent our entire time hanging out at the resort because the pool was that awesome. Not only that, but we practically had it all to ourselves with just a few people trickling in here and there. We did eventually force ourselves away from the pool to see Krabi’s spectacular coastline, but it was sure nice to have on the days when the weather was iffy and we didn’t want to chance heading to a nearby island.

ao nang orchid resort

The views from the pool weren’t so shabby either…

ao nang orchid resort
Another big draw of the Ao Nang Orchid was the proximity to the beach. Since I hadn’t been to Ao Nang before, I wasn’t sure how walkable everything would be. We didn’t want to deal with motorbikes and tuk tuks, and the Ao Nang Orchid was just steps away from the beach, pier, walking street and all of the great shopping and restaurants. There was also a 7-11 right outside the hotel, which always comes in handy.

ao nang beach orchid resort

The location and the pool alone is what made the hotel well worth the price. In addition to that, the room and bathroom were quite spacious and the bed was absolute bliss; not your typical Thai style bed. The staff were friendly and helpful whenever we had any questions.

ao nang orchid resort

The only suggestion I would recommend is updating the bathrooms. Although they are quite large and Western style with a bathtub/shower, they were a little outdated for the price range. Other than that minor detail, we had a great stay at the Ao Nang Orchid Hotel and would definitely return again!

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  1. Hi guy’s, since owning the damn Forza here where I live the so called “people” have told me to my face we are going to kill your dog. They have done it 2x before it is all jealousy ridicules but true. Please be warned and understand . My regards. Ian

  2. Great review that pool looks so inviting! Will definately consider this hotel on our next visit! Thanks for sharing ☺

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