Top 10 Essential Travel Apps For Every Traveler!

Mobile Apps have revolutionized our mobile experience, effectively turning the smart phone into a device that is now an integral part of our life. Today, mobile apps are effective in finding information on your fingertips, staying updated with latest news and many more services. Mobile apps have also penetrated the travel industry with plenty of amazing travel apps related to hotels, activities, flights, itineraries and travel planners. These amazing travel apps are ideal for both the seasoned travelers as well as first-time tourists. If used efficiently, these travel apps not just save a great deal of money, but also help in preparing for an excellent vacation. Check out the top 10 essential travel apps that are a must for every traveler!

SkyScanner: SkyScanner is a revolutionary travel app solely dedicated to flights. The app compares flights, hotels, car rentals and buses across several websites, airlines, provide booking options, and also offers links to the websites of airlines and agents.

Kayak: Kayak is another wonderful travel app that compares the best deals on flights, hotels, trips and car rentals across several operators and displays them in a well-curated list. Users have further an option to seek customized results based on star category, airlines, budget and amenities.

Airbnb: Airbnb is one of the trendiest travel apps that has added a new dimension to the travel industry. This app allows guests to book homestays with wonderful local hosts in several destinations. Airbnb is certainly a success and a wonderful way to mingle with locals, enjoying home-cooked breakfasts and meals, and getting wonderful recommendations. We used it to travel through Europe on a budget.

HolidayMe: HolidayMe is a cool travel app with a wonderful user interface. It features a neat layout, easy navigation, a 3-step booking, rich inventory of hotels, quick sign-in and a secure payment gateway. The app offers best prices and discounts in hotel bookings along with integration of maps for better navigation. Other projects in the pipeline include flights, activities, transfers and travel recommendations.

Expedia: Expedia is one of the most popular travel apps in the market that offers wide range of travel solutions. This brilliant travel app has a long inventory of hotels, flights, buses, car rentals, sightseeing tours and last-minute travel deals. The app is best for seeking wonderful travel deals and wonderful discounts.

Viator: Viator is an interesting travel app that caters to sightseeing activities and tours in several destinations. The app lists the available activities and tours that you can enjoy in a city and offers good amount of last-minute discounts and e-vouchers. It also recommends popular activities and provides wonderful discounts on tours as well.

TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is a must-have travel app that allows you to check reviews of hotels, restaurants, tours, shopping recommendations, Traveler’s choice awards, and airfare comparisons. It also displays plenty of recommendations on what to see, do, eat, stay and shop in several destinations across the world, and even allows you to post your own reviews and share pictures.

Tripit: TripIt is an amazing travel app that searches your emails and messages and searches for flights, hotels, sightseeing tours and travel bookings and presents them in the form of an organized travel itinerary. All the bookings and confirmation vouchers are available at one place, which saves you the hassle of checking your mail. Just link your email and messages with TripIt and let the app organize your travel bookings for you!

Evernote: Evernote is an amazing app that can’t be classified as a travel app. However, this amazing app goes well in curating and documenting your travel experiences. Evernote is a handy app that allows you to take notes, sketch ideas, add web clippings and make copies of your itineraries. You can also save your feelings and thoughts on the go – a very useful trick for bloggers and photographers.

Google Translate: A very useful travel app, Google Translate is a must-have app in your phone, especially when traveling to a non-English speaking country. It supports up to 103 languages and provides a phrasebook in almost every language, which helps you in navigating your way, seeking help, or interacting with locals in their language.


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