We’re Charlie & Brittany, a couple who left a traditional lifestyle to pursue our dreams. 

Our Dreams of Location Independence, the ability to mix work with travel. OurStory

5 Businesses We’ve Tried & Failed in the Past 3 Years
We were recently featured on The Professional Hobo’s Financial Case Study series, where for the first time we revealed our online income, and we were...
Drone Footage and Updates From Colorado
Just a quick update as we sit in our zero gravity chairs working along side the river in Silverton, Colorado. We haven’t posted since we...
Top 10 Essential Travel Apps For Every Traveler!
Mobile Apps have revolutionized our mobile experience, effectively turning the smart phone into a device that is now an integral part of our life. Today,...

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Cost of Traveling New Zealand By Camper Van
It’s no secret that New Zealand is one of the more expensive countries to travel, often compared to the likes of Australia. Its definitely much higher...
How Two Years Can Change Your Life
When we made the decision two years ago to sell our stuff and move to Thailand, we weren’t sure what our future would hold. Up...
Dumb Enough To Keep Going: A 35,000 ft Success Story
Here I am, aboard a first class flight from Seoul to Atlanta in route to home. Home, to whom I’ve been a stranger for 7...