Khon Kaen Night Markets

As many may already know, there is no shortage of night markets in Thailand. Khon Kaen is no different. I have now been to seven different night markets in Khon Kaen. All night markets contain a variety of items, but the variety of items seldom changes from one night market to the next. The difference lies in the size and volume of people.

khon kaen night market

Our Favorite Khon Kaen Markets

Ton Tann Night Market

Of the seven night markets in Khon Kaen, Thailand, two stand out; Ton Tann and Fairy Plaza night markets. Ton Tann night market is by far the largest night market in Khon Kaen. However, this is more of an attraction than it is a conventional night market. Rather than a street where vendors set up their carts or vinyl tents, Ton Tann has boutique shops, restaurants, and live entertainment. Scattered throughout the shops are the traditional carts and tents, which add to making this the largest night market. Because of its size and location on Mittraphap highway, Ton Tann can handle the largest volume of people.

Here is a tour of Ton Tann Night Market:

Fairy Plaza Night Market

Fairy Plaza night market on the other hand is much smaller and much more traditional. Fairy night market takes place on a street (near Fairy Plaza) in the heart of Khon Kaen. Traffic shuts down around 4 p.m. and the carts begin to gather. This is mostly a food and clothing night market. Although much smaller in size, Fairy still draws quite a few people because of its central location as well as the cheap eats.

Here is a Tour of Fairy Night Market during a Buddhist holiday celebration:


Location of Khon Kaen Night Markets:


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